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International Interdisciplinary Conference "Religious Freedom and Education"


International Interdisciplinary Conference
"Religious Freedom and Education"
9-10 October 2020
Venue: Toruń, Poland
Religious freedom is a fundamental human right that lies at the core of the individual’s worldview. As an element of one’s identity, it is manifested also through educational institutions. To what extent religious freedom in education is and should be recognized? How to balance it with the requirement of neutrality and other principles necessary in a democratic state? How can insights from theory and practice be integrated? Most importantly, what can theorists from different fields learn from each other’s work? 

The aim of this conference is to bring together experts from law, theology, and education to explore the role of religious freedom in education, both within and across disciplinary boundaries.

The abstract should be no longer than 250 words and should include a compendious summary of a paper with the research question, background, purpose, method, results, and conclusion.  

After you submit your abstract you will be acknowledged of the receipt of the abstract via an email within two working days.

Please submit your abstract here by 15 April 2020.

The abstract will undergo a double-blind peer-review process by the conference scientific committee and the results will be sent to the author by the 1st of May.

If you are not receiving an email from us set your email spam filter to accept messages from 
educationconference@umk.pl and/or contact us.

There are no fees for the conference.

Conference website: educationconference.umk.pl


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